Breakfast club 

at jennett's park

JPCA Sponsors Breakfast club 

The Community Association (JPCA) are pleased to announce that a service provider has been selected to host a 'breakfast club' for children at JP School.


Started in September 2016, 'Koosa Kids' provide the daily service at the Community Centre.  The session will run from 7.30am with breakfast served until 8.15am.


Jennett's Park school was consulted throughout the process; at 8.40am the breakfast club children will be taken by 'walking bus' to the school reception and handed over to school staff.


For more information about this service please contact Koosa Kids at or see the poster on the Breakfast Club noticeboard in the Community Centre


The new 'Breakfast Club' was initially discussed between JP School and the Community Association in Autumn 2015 where use of the Community Centre building was offered.

The Community Association took the lead on negotiations whilst keeping the school up-to-date on progress. Four possible service providers were initially identified with the final process reducing that number to two.

Meetings were held with both companies and a visit was made to similar clubs hosted by each provider to see how they operated their breakfast club.

The contract has been drawn up between the Community Association (JPCA) and Koosa Kids whereby the Community Centre facilities have been provided 'free of charge' in return for a reduction in the normal rate levied by Koosa Kids - this in effect is at a cost to the Community Association of approximately £13k per annum with additional costs for the increase of hours for daily cleaning.

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Koosa Kids was founded in April 2005 and currently provids childcare to over 5500 children, across 40+ different venues.


The company had already been providing an after-school club at Jennett's Park School since September 2013.


The purpose of the Breakfast Cub, hosted by Koosa Kids in partnership with the Communtiy Association and JP School, is to provide local working parents with a safe, reliable and fun before school childcare option.


The club operates from the Community Centre from 7.30am till 8.45am every school morning. Children are given an optional healthy breakfast. A selection of quiet games and activities will be on offer and will include books, board games, art tables, Lego .. and more.

At the end of the session all children attending wll be safely escorted across to JP School.

Sessions can be booked by telephoning 0845 094 2322 or by registering and booking online at the Koosa Kids website,